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An incentive is something used to encourage others to achieve a specific goal. It may take the form of a prize, compensation, bonus, etc. An incentive event is usually a program organized to recognize a specific individual or individuals who achieved specific goals. Incentive travel is a term usually used to describe a multiple day trip that is rewarded to an individual or individuals who achieved specific goals, often related to sales and business development.

Event planners will organize a incentive program to world class cities and resorts that are meant to encourage a group of individuals to achieve the stated goals for qualifying for such an event.

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Incentive travel is used all over the world as an important management tool for employee motivation, bonding with the company and mutual integration. It is statistically proven that companies, who motivate their employees and/or clients on a regular basis, obtain better results in figures, teamwork and personal satisfaction.

A trip undertaken together facilitates and strengthens human relations; common experience and effort are a great introduction to carrying out a specific task; and having fun together often helps in overcoming existing problems. In the preparation of every incentive trip, creativity is the key success factor. Keeping in mind your budget, large or small, we are able to create a unique and interesting program with carefully selected attractions in a place chosen by you. It is our task to design a program that shall be remembered for a long time.

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Incentive travel is a reward for excellence - for a job well done. To employees, partners and customers incentive travel programs acknowledge their contributions to the achievement of corporate goals and objectives. Equally important, such programs provide inspiration for achievements hat have still to be realized, an enhanced sense of loyalty to the host company and to other team members and an indispensable tool for keeping valuable team members. Your aims and objectives will be our key focus in finding the ideal location, providing you with unrivalled destination management services, which not only bring the world to your company, but speak clearly of your company’s commitment to its employees and clients.

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As a Destination Management Company in the current market, we recognize the importance of keeping and rewarding your valued employees with incentive travel programs. Incentive travel programs can help your organization:
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance relationships between the employees
  • Strengthen the ties between the company and the employees
  • Attract new sales people and customers while retaining seasoned ones
  • Introduce new products or increase sales of slow-moving ones
  • Reduce costs and waste
  • Reduce accidents and improve quality control